Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Designers - Yes, Please!

Over the years I have met many customers via online sources, telephone inquiries, faxes and walk-ins who ask me a question that deems answering....

"Why should I use a designer?"

For all these customers here are my top 5 reasons you should consult with a designer for all aspects of your decorating needs:

  1) TIME  In this modern era and fast-paced living and working lifestyle, your time is a valuable commodity. By utilizing an experienced designer, they will work for you to achieve your design and production needs in a timely manner.  They are better prepared and educated to design, lay-out, purchase and in-stall more quickly than most general consumers.  They have made a career out of design...making them a professional.  Although, you may have your design ideas well thought-out - implementing them and working with all the necessary vendors to achieve your design needs may well be out of your scope of knowledge and of course time!

2) BUDGET  By discussing your cost expectations with a designer, they can not only advise if those expectations may be realized, but they can also then help to ensure that you do not go over that originally set budget.  They are aware of market value/cost for materials involved and will review alternate design solutions if your budget does not match your design or production needs.

3) SPACE  Your space is your home.  Designers make it so.  A designer best utilizes your space to allow you to live in your home at an optimum capacity for comfort, health, safety and productivity.  A designer will assist you with your design needs throughout the different stages of your life. As you and your family have growth albeit an addition to the family, a new home office or any other need that may arise - the designer is there to recreate these areas to your personal style in an efficient and cost effective manner.  Design is more than just looking great.  It entails defining the individuals needs, while helping to reflect one's identity and style creatively; so their spirit and energy flourishes in a happy and healthy environment.

4)  CORPORATE and COMMERCIAL  No longer are we living in a workforce with rigid 9 to 5 business hours in drab corporate cubicles with strict dress-code requirements.  Business' have seen the value of an expert design team who creates a working environment that allows their employees to feel safe, comfortable and productive - making work more pleasant and satisfying.  With the use of ergonomic products and management of space, designers effectively assure the highest productivity, avoidance of illness and injury risks within the workplace, along with an increased satisfaction among employees.  The same design team effectively transforms commercial areas to inviting showrooms and store -fronts, which increases traffic flow which in-turn generates more sales.

5) TRENDS AND FASHION  Designers have access to a vast array of the latest design creations being introduced to the industry from all over the world.  As members of valuable organizations, such as ASID - American Society of Interior Design and / or with certifications from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification - designers bring with them not only skill and experience, but also fresh and creative new ideas that can be incorporated to reflect your personal style, while keeping up with these modern times. 

To locate a designer in your area you may visit the ASID website where they have a searchable database on their main page.  Here is a link FIND A DESIGNER

I asked some designers what they perceive the benefits are for clients to utilize their services and here is what some said:

In my experience the client who started out doing their homes themselves made plenty of mistakes and costs them more in the long run after hiring me to rectify those mistakes. They use the term eclectic very loosly and then you have to educate them. In the end, they're usually much happier hiring a designer as they do "get it" once they see the finished room(s).
By Kristy

Most designers I know can turn what you want a room to look like into a reality. You may know what you want but not how to get it or how to figure out solutions for problems in your room. They know all the tricks because that's what they do!
By Angela

A designer helps keep your ideas focused. So many times, people are indecisive about what they want their space to look like and end up with a lot of really great products-- that just don't work together. When you live in and are constantly using a space in your home, the objective eye of a designer can be really helpful in making the smartest decisions for the overall picture.
By SanDino Home Solutions, LLC

In my experience, paying a designer saves the hassle and expense of working around the unexpected. You also save time and money from the inevitable mistakes...eh hem...I mean "learning experiences" that come with doing it yourself.
By Brett

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