Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunbrella Custom #ShowerCurtains

One of my favorite niche products in the Home and Patio Design industry are Sunbrella Custom Shower Curtains. They boast a 5 year warranty against fade, mildew and water resistance with the greatest selection of fabric styles and colors to choose from. They come in a variety of designs as well OR you may create your own - to help incorporate your shower curtain with all other elements of your lavatory decor.  With homeowners taking more pride in their home design by hiring interior designers and decorators and/or creating their own "look" with the aid of the multitude of Do-It-Yourself websites, links and television programs available - why not take that creative spark and design your own shower curtain too?!

Traditional store purchased shower curtains, which are made in a plastic-like vinyl, nylon or polyester material, come in only a few selections of patterns or colors to choose from AND require a shower curtain liner to be purchased separately.  You then have to re-purchase these liners when they begin to mildew and get dirty over time and you are limited to the standard shower curtain size of  72" height x 72" wide!  The cost for an average shower curtain with the purchase of a liner is $45.00 to $141.00.  They do not come with a warranty on the material and will accumulate mildew growth over time.

Sunbrella shower curtain material is 54 inches wide and made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic canvas which is inherently resistant to mildew growth.  They are soft to the touch and are much more aesthetically pleasing to bathers than the plastic-like material of stock shower curtains and plastic liners.  There are also over 1000 fabric patterns available in an array of styles such as solids, specialty weaves, stripes and jacquard to choose from.

They may be machine washed in cold water using a mild soap such as Woolite or Ivory and then re-hung to dry. Doing this every few months will ensure the life of your shower curtain and keep it looking bright and fresh.  NO SHOWER CURTAIN LINER REQUIRED with Sunbrella shower curtains.

Size matters!  A standard shower curtain stall has a width of 42" to 50".  Shower curtains require a minimum of 1.5 times fullness for the appropriate coverage along with "pleating and gathering" allowances for stall curtains.  This means your shower curtain should be a minimum of 63" to 75".  For anyone with a stall size higher or wider than this average (which is many custom built houses and outdoor shower curtains today) you would need to purchase two standard shower curtains in order to fit appropriately in your area. Custom made shower curtains allow you to make your curtain to suit your specifications of any height and any width desired.

Its all in the design!  If you want to be unique ... create your own masterpiece.  Here are a few creative ideas of custom shower curtains...

Stripe Border - use a 54" wide solid Sunbrella pattern for your center panel and use a coordinating stripe along the outer edges.  This idea can be altered many ways such as using the solid 54 inches on top with a stripe bottom and so on! Average cost = $129.95 plus shipping.

Ruffle Ruffle - this beautiful design has a waterproof lined back with Sunbrella sheer white ruffles in front for an elegant yet fun style.  The ruffles make for a fuller appearance and a truly custom made design. You can use any Sunbrella sheer in both the Mist or the Shadow Sheer categories to achieve this beautiful ruffly look. Average cost = $225.00 plus shipping.


Checkerboard - use any two coordinating or contrast colors to create this design.  It also balances seams to avoid unsightly single seams down the middle of the shower curtain. Average cost = $129.95 plus shipping.

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