Wednesday, February 8, 2017

JANUARY 2017 Featured Designer

  Pamela Meyer, ASID


Contemporary Traditional Style

Pamela H. Meyer, ASID - is first on our list of designers to be featured in our 2017 Blog Series entitled -
 12 Months 12 Styles 12 Designers

If the photos shown make you perk up and say to yourself "I love this design!" - then you just fell in love with Pamela's featured style - Contemporary Traditional.

Sometimes the best fashion is collaborative.  By combining different elements of anything - can result in a work of art.  Pam has done just that by combining contemporary accents with a more traditional foundation. Contemporary as defined in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary is:   happening, existing, living, or coming into being during the same period of time; marked by characteristics of the present period.. 

This style is ever changing with the world around us so by adding new and trending works of art, novelty items such as a basket holding decorative stones or other in vogue accents; you can make any area of the home fashion forward in appeal. Contemporary design also melds well with all other styles because it is always evolving.

It was easily combined here with the traditional furniture pieces, symmetrical arrangements and a rich color scheme creating a wonderfully warm and cozy space from the family room to the dining room and finally spilling out onto the patio or extended living area.

Inspired by designer, Barbara Barry, an established and well-known designer from California - we have her to thank for Ms. Meyers passion in the interior design industry.  Every designer has someone in their life who made them think, "Wow, that's pretty!".  Designers everywhere help us create our most inspirational spaces to live in, love in and exist in. Whether we are creating our work, our art or both - designers help us to achieve our maximum potential by infusing the space we live in with the color and decor that best represents who we are.

Coming back full circle to our featured designer- Pamela Meyer can and is a designer inspiring others with her talent.  So how does she do it?  As the Principle Designer with Meyer Architecture & Interior Design, Pam assists clients in designing their personal living space by hand selecting each piece of furniture that infuses the style representative of the client.  And by showing them photos of her other favorite installations along with images of color; she listens to the feedback and  reactions of each client to better understand what they are looking for so she can then create a space that is uniquely theirs.

If it were up to Pam; however, the whole world would be blue.  And not just any blue either.  Her favorite color is blue, but with just the right touch of grey making what she believes is the perfect color and shade for any area. Imagine the space where the sky meets the sea and your living room or family room is perched atop the clouds with the world down below as your view.  Designing your space with the colors you love stirs the dreamer in us all.  This is your oasis and this is what the art of interior design achieves.  

In addition to being beautiful any area of you're living space should scream, "I am happy!" and if Pam's style shown makes you happy then she can make you happy too!  Located in California - if your in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas and have a project you need help with - call Pamela at Meyer Architecture & Interior Design for a consultation.

I'm Tracy Dykes with and we are ~

"Creating Happy Homes...Inside and Out"

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