Friday, June 14, 2013

Terry Cloth by Sunbrella - NEW!

The new terry cloth Sunbrella has arrived and is in stock.  Check out these great colors which are fade resistant for outdoor use!  Standard cotton terry cloth will not hold up outdoors.  The Sunbrella terry line boasts a 5 year limited warranty against fade (loss of color) and mildew resistance.

Terry Cloth material is very versatile and may be used in many applications.  FrontGate uses the Sunbrella Terry Cloth for their Market Square Umbrellas as well as their outdoor drapery line.  Resorts use the material to make easily removable slip covers for hotel chaise lounge chairs.  As well, it is also used in the manufacturing of golf cart seat covers.   Whatever the application Sunbrella continues to meet the demands of today's manufacturing industry!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Many Faces of Sunbrella

Sunbrella fabric is manufactured by Glen Raven Mills in North Carolina and Dickson Constant in France.  It is one of the leading high-performance fabrics in the world and is fast becoming one of the most ideal fabrics to use in custom manufacturing...and for good reason!  

The upholstery grade Sunbrella material comes with a 5 year warranty against fade, mildew and water resistance AND the awning and marine weight Sunbrella comes with a 10 year warranty against fade, mildew and water resistance.  No other acrylic fabric manufacturer boasts this kind of product warranty in the industry today!  It's no wonder that companies have chosen Sunbrella fabric in their product manufacturing.

Every wonder what can be made with Sunbrella material?

Patio Cushions and Throw Pillows

Indoor and/or Outdoor Draperies

Rugs and Border Rugs - Indoor or Outdoor

Patio Swings with Cushions


 Awnings and Valances

Purses, Handbags and Duffle Bags 

(TRKFLD handbags)

Decorative Blankets and Throws


Awning Canopies and Covers

Shower Curtains

Sunbrella Bean Bag Chairs

Table Cloths and Linens

(Good House Keeping image)

Sling Chairs

( Beach Chair)

"The history of the Sunbrella brand is the story of a revolutionary product changing every market it touches. After its introduction for awnings, the marine industry soon discovered Sunbrella fabrics and adopted them as the gold standard for boating.  As with awnings, boaters had historically relied on cotton canvas, which was no match for salt, sun and sea. Sunbrella marine fabrics assured years of carefree service.  
Outdoor and casual furniture was the next market segment to benefit from Sunbrella fabrics beginning in the early 1980s. For many years, cotton and vinyl had been the only options for outdoor furniture. Cotton had a limited lifespan and anyone who has sat on a hot vinyl cushion can attest to its limitations. Sunbrella offered the best of all worlds – beauty, durability and comfort.  The newest segment benefiting from the Sunbrella brand is interior furnishings, residential and commercial. Inside the home, Sunbrella fabrics are being used for upholstery, window treatments and top-of-bed, resulting in beautiful, carefree home interiors. Glen Raven is also expanding in commercial markets with Sunbrella fabrics styled for hotel, resort and office applications. 
Sunbrella fabrics are also a mainstay of the automotive industry, gracing convertible tops of the leading vehicle nameplates.  In addition to its expansion in multiple market segments, the Sunbrella brand has grown globally. Mariners all around the globe ask for Sunbrella fabrics by name, and Glen Raven’s French subsidiary, Dickson-Constant, has developed Sunbrella lines styled for European tastes."  Excerpt from the 50th Anniversary Article in Raven Issue No.11.