Thursday, December 5, 2013

#UPCYCLING ... How to Make the Most Out of Your Existing Decor

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to revamp your patio or deck - than upcycling is great design option for you. Upcycling has grown in popularity and is also an eco-friendly trend that DYI individuals have adopted in recent years to enhance the beauty of one's home without creating more waste.  

Statistics with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) show that nearly nine million tons of America's overall waste consists of used furniture.  That's four times the amount that made it to landfills in the 1960's! So rather than throwing out those used chairs, tables, and decorative pieces, you can bring them back to life with a little love and elbow grease.  

For example, if your furniture, chair or table is made of wood - sanding down and varnishing it to a new color will not only restore the old piece, but will create a new look by either lightening, darkening or completely changing from the original color.  Here is a great link to TLC's article on restoring old wood furniture:

Upcycling is not limited to old wood restoration.  Do-it-yourselfers have found clever ways to renew and enhance all facets of your home design inside as well as outside.  Here are some to name a few:

1. Repaint~  Adding new color to walls, trim, shelving or old furniture can dramatically renew your room.  If you loved the existing color, but notice it is peeling or faded simply touch up the room with a new coat of paint.  If you want a more bold makeover than choose deeper or darker shades for an instantly new look and a brand new room feel. For added depth or contrast you can even choose to wallpaper in lieu of paint.

2.  Reupholster~  Many times your furniture frame is in good condition and only the fabric material has been worn or faded throughout the years.  Upholsterer's can work magic in renewing your old furniture by upholstering with a new fabric and replacing the foam core.  If your furniture frame is wood or metal than you can easily replace the existing cushions.  There are many companies who have affordable replacement cushions for existing furniture lines such as Smith and Hawken or can manufacture custom cushions for your specific dimensions.  

3.  Restyle~ Whether or not you decide to revamp your area with new paint, varnish or upholstering; simply restyling your works wonder's in recreating your existing space to a new and fresh look.  Rearrange your furniture to maximize space.  Add new accent pillows with fresh colors.  Add draperies to a window OR an awning to the exterior of your home.  Replace old door knobs, drawer pulls, hinges and/or locks.

There are many ways to enhance your home at an affordable cost.  In these days of fast-pace working and living you deserve to have a home or office that expresses not only your personality and taste, but also allows you to live within an aesthetically pleasing environment designed by you...for you.