Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Shifting Your Perspective...with Sunbrella

INDOOR and OUTDOOR High Performance Fabric for EVERYONE 

Just when you think every design has been done and that you have seen every possible color, tone, stripe, solid, and specialty weave.  Just when you have begun to become complacent to the bland designs and basic geometric, textured, woven and short-lived printed fabric lines being distributed in the market place today - a textile expert - Glen Raven to be exact - will out of the clear blue sky create a uniquely successful culture cluster of sophisticated, provocative, fun and classic collection of fabrics allowing your whole textile design perspective to S-H-I-F-T - /ʃɪft/.

If that was the goal of Glen Raven's latest loom run fabrication hit - The Shift Collection has succeeded.

BOOM!  From the moment the set of samples arrived a shock wave of excitement spread at the site of these newest and hottest fabrics a sizzling collection spreading like fire through the design firms around the country.

Already have your hot picks for the season?  Not anymore - a whole new collection is taking the helm and designers, home owners, purchasing agents and store fronts are scrambling to get themselves a sample ring of this seasons hottest and most durable high performance collection introduced as and aptly named - The Shift Collection by Sunbrella.

From first peek at this new line a myriad of thoughts collide~ Where may each of these be used? In what areas of the home? How about a new drapery for the office? Something durable for the children's play room? Or more specifically a commercial venue where this contract superior performance fabric will last long after the one's that came before them...a benefit of acrylic yarns woven and treated to exceed the 30,000 double rub industry standard!  And best of all - it is warrantied for 5 years for fade and mildew  resistance. There is a reason Sunbrella is the leader in the industry and now they have set an even higher standard in the textile design world for other textile design teams who can only ever hope to achieve a world-renowned name as Sunbrella has done.  This new collection is not only causing excitement, but it is leaving the other fabric curators' in a wake of dusty old antiquated styles and colors.

With any high-performance fabric of value and enduring strength a collection must start with the combination of specially treated and dyed fibers along with a tone or theme of colors to then build an array of powerful but all-the-while comfortable fabric creations.  The unique blending and processing achieved at Glen Raven - where all of the magic ensues - releases an artful masterpiece where quite possibly every single human being will find something to their liking to be put into a useful decorative design element inside or outside your personal living space.  Creating for you - your home  and energy curated with your spirit in mind so your body is comfortable, happy and living in style making you content and satisfied while at home in your dwelling.  This is the powerful tool of fabric art that has been unleashed on the interior design world these past weeks.

The Shift Collection consists of 41 brilliant textile-art creations sought after in the homes, hotels and public venues throughout the America's where designers eagerly anticipate the use in their custom production ranging from toss pillows to cushions to draperies. The Shift Collection patterns are as follows:

The color pallet within each pattern above sparks much curiosity with refreshing color names that hint, but not quite exactly describe the uniqueness of each solution-dyed yarn tone: Ash, Azure, Char, Citron, Cosmic, Crimson, Dune, Electro, Emerald, Flame, Flax, Fusion, Galaxy, Grape, Grey, Indigo, Kiwi, Lagoon, Pebble, Pewter, Rose, Sangria, Silver, Steel, Turquoise, Twilight, White, Vivid, and Wisteria.

Do I have your attention yet?  Here is a quick glance of just a few of the 41 and the factual details for the patterns within the Shift Collection.

Connect - modern plaids never had it so good! Four color-friendly squared off tile patterns set this bold and brilliant neutral fabric line apart from the rest.  100% Solution dyed Sunbrella Acrylic.  Repeat: Up the roll: 7.54". 54" wide.
Connect Fusion 58041https://www.sunbrella.com/en-us/fabrics/item/1665/57009-0000/Escapade-Fusionhttps://www.sunbrella.com/en-us/fabrics/item/1674/69006-0008/Integrated-Steelhttps://www.sunbrella.com/en-us/fabrics/item/1658/46058-0008/Loft-Wisteriahttps://www.sunbrella.com/en-us/fabrics/item/1679/69008-0003/Radiant-Lagoonhttps://www.sunbrella.com/en-us/fabrics/item/1651/15000-0011/Spotlight-Rose

Escapade - stripe collection in four colorways. Unique new multicolored stripe combined with a blended texture-rich background.  Blended with 42% Sunbrella Acrylic, 14% Polyester and 44% PVC.  Repeat: Across the roll: 6.81". 54" wide.

Escapade Fusion 57009

Integrated - a rich yarn jacquard appeal in new modern geometric tone on tone with a slight sheen to the pattern making for a sophisticated design with just the right hint of metallic reflection.  Railroaded with a yarn content combined with 51% Sunbrella Acrylic, 37% PVC and 12% Polyester.  Repeat:  8.55" up the roll and 7" across the roll. 54" wide.

Integrated Steel 69006-0008

Loft - the more durable side of a velvet.  This modern twist of a chenille plain creates a new spin with this plush woven yarn - thick as it is soft.  Warms the heart with its texture followed by a comforting feel of strength. Deep luxurious color tones for a more understated but breath-taking-ly bold velvet-like creation in 11 cuddle-by-the-fire colors. 100% Sunbrella Acrylic yarns. 54" wide.

Loft Wisteria 46058-0008

Radiant - Jumbo jacquard leaf pattern thickly woven with a smooth soft finish in 6 unique tone on tone matte yarn colors combines to create a genuine affluent appeal.  A gentle forest-like scene in our modern day jungle living.  68% Sunbrella Acrylic combined with 24% PVC and 8 % Polyester.  Repeat: covers 27.06" up the roll and 14" across the roll.  Go LEAF or go home. 54" wide.

Radiant Lagoon 69008-0003

Spotlight - plain solids vibrant in color just as the name depicts. The 12 spotlights to choose from range from bright and cheery to mature grounded neutrals.  44% Sunbrella acrylic blended with 13% Polyester and 43% PVC.  54" wide.

Spotlight Rose 15000-0011

Sunbrella's burst of fresh newly woven fabric is now in stock and ready to ship.  

Watch out everyone, the season is getting busier and now its shifting into over-drive!